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25 December 2012 @ 05:08 pm
the yearly tradition  
*blows the dust off*

I know we all hardly use our ljs anymore, they've become a thing of the past when we were all students with too much love for animated boys and fashion statements that would now make us cringe. What times though, what times. Good times, bad times, times when the only people who you felt understood you were the ones on your flist.

So, on this Christmasy of Christmas days (where we finally got some snow here in Brampton), I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, whatever you celebrate.

<3 butterfly
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
gallacgallac on December 30th, 2012 04:48 am (UTC)
merry christmus and a happy new year!
yeah, live journal feels rather dead these days....

hope you and the family had fun. wish hem well from me pretty please?

sorry I missed your birthday. I've spent about two months trying to find the very special card i found for you sometime in march. which means it probebly wont resurface until 2020.....*grumbles*

did you end up going to hawaii?