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Butterfly Ishida
15 November 1982
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Hey there! Let's go with some stats huh?

* 28 years old but behaves anywhere from 8 years old to 40 or so
* open minded cuz really? we're all people
* perfers quirky people to those who try to fit into the 'norm'
* owned by the three cutest but craziest cats ever
* have an Honours BA from York University in Humanities and History
* completed my grad dip. in Primary Education at Deakin University in Melbourne Australia
* loves anime/manga; particularly those that are meant for little boys
* reads obsessively, mostly fantasy and historical fiction
* dream job would to be Barbie's fashion designer
* a writer but always looking for new creative outlets

My lj is far from friends only. Only the most personal of things go there and even then its usually a rant or a list. Feel free to read my life, leave a comment or even add me. If you do add me though, please comment. Only other request is that you respect me and my flist, and I'll do the same for you.

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Bisexuality is Real.

Marriage is love.

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